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Welcome to the The Keep!

The Keep is a Wikia for Jonathan Blow's 2016 game, The Witness. We are more interested in post-game content and trying to work out if there is anything after 523+135+6. So this wiki is FULL OF SPOILERS. Do NOT read it if you haven't reached 523+135+6 yet!

Entry points to this wiki

How to contribute?

First, you could extend the list of Things That Seem Odd in the game, or provide information that contributes to explain these elements. If some element receives too much information, you can also create a new page for it. You can also contribute screenshots to pages that lack some, or create the pages for specific areas when you encounter red links.

There are also other lists that need to be completed and other pages that need more details, they are listed in the Category:ContributionWelcomed.

Latest activity

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Fake fence at the entrance of the Keep, and tar figures of people falling.